900w NutriBullet Pro Blender

Nutribullet Blender Recipes

Nutribullet Blender- Must have for Vegan Plant Based Kitchen

This gem is truly a must have for those who want to control what they eat. Why?


  1. This blender is super high speed. So it will blitz up foods so much better than a standard blender or food processor.
  2. It is the perfect size for small batches so you dont struggle getting your food out when it’s ready and waste almost as much as you make. I use mine for my Plant Based coffee creamer .
  3. Perfect for making Lentil Roti/Flatbread CLICK FOR RECIPE
Vegan Oil Free Roti Bread
Vegan Oil Free Roti Bread
Bullet Blender for Vegan Cooking
Bullet Blender for Vegan Cooking CLICK TO BUY
  1. Perfect for Plant Based Cheeze CLICK FOR RECIPE
Vegan Oil Free Pizza Margherita
Vegan Oil Free Pizza Margherita

My Nutribullet is my go to appliance when I make my Plant Base “Cheeze” and salad dressings. The super high speed of this blender is the magic. The blender instantly pulverizes nuts and seed into super tiny particles and makes them creamy.

I have also used mine for making oat flower for my waffles.

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